February 22 – March 10, 2013

Domina – Heather Dickens
Erronius – Kent Fields
Hero – Travis Gaudin
Hysterium – Matt Ward
Lycus – John Phelps
Miles Gloriosus – Pierre Minjaw
Philia – Madison Grumbles
Pseudolus – Ryan Bailey
Senex – Curt Regester
The Courtesans – Angela Lacy, Lauren Wise, Sarah Wylie, Katie Murphy, Tommie Bailey, Randi Jackson
The Proteans – Faith Hearn, Joe Vaughan, Joni Saad, Will Vaughan

Rome will never be the same!  In this inspired musical comedy by Stephen Sondheim with the book by Burt  Shevlove and larry Gelbart, boy wants girl, slave wants freedom, and Roman war hero wants…. the same girl.

Inspired by the farces of the ancient Roman playwright Plautus, the musical tells the bawdy story of love, mistaken identity, class warfare and the search for family – with all the masquerades, deceptions and blackmailing going wrong at every turn1

This Tony Award winning musical is a classic of the stage.  Don’t miss the laugh-filled trip to ancient Rome.